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Air Rings (Dual)

Dual Lip

Techflow Design’s unique Air Ring design allows blow up ratios that range from 1.2:1 to 4.0:1 while still maintaining optimal cooling rates and achieving high bubble stability. Built of only the highest grade of aluminum alloy and superior workmanship, Techflow Design’s Air Ring incorporates teflon inserts on mating thread surfaces, preventing wear and binding. Both lips are easily adjusted allowing the bubble to lock quickly. This allows the operator to adjust the BUR on the fly. Radial vanes are precisely machined allowing equal air flow through out the Air Ring in turn distributing even airflow to the bubble.

Standard Features:
  • Low pressure design to reduce heat generation
  • Adjustable forming cone
  • Magnahelic gauge
  • Temperature gauge
  • Special Aluminium Casting construction for maximum stability
  • Mounting brackets
Optional Features:
  • Insulated Plenums  (See Fig.1)
  • Dual Lip sets available interchangeable with plenum
  • Anodized lips
  • Custom Mounting Brackets