At TechFlow Design & Manufacturing Inc., we know the extrusion process and die design better than anyone. We understand our business and how to assist our clients in meeting their objectives. TechFlow develops innovative products that help improve the clients’ performance.



Oscillating Haul Off

Techflow Design’s innovative technology that eliminates the standard problems of wrinkling, web wandering, great stability as well as the one of the most compact in the industrial for space requirements. Space requirements are always a high priority that is why or unique horizontal design requires about 1/3 the standard height requirement of our competitors. For example a 74″ Roll face measures on 30″ in overall height from the base pads (bottom of unit) to the top of external idle roll. Zero backlash driven rings with our unique drive system that eliminate backlash as compensate for chain stretching over a long period of time.

Air Distribution System

The turning bars allow you to maintain a barrier of air between the film and turning bars, giving little or no drag on all types of the stickiest films. This designs leads with its thick structural wall prevents web wandering under the highest of temperature conditions which in turn leads to web wandering and film wrinkling.

Oscillating Haul