At TechFlow Design & Manufacturing Inc., we know the extrusion process and die design better than anyone. We understand our business and how to assist our clients in meeting their objectives. TechFlow develops innovative products that help improve the clients’ performance.


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Techflow makes use of state-of-the-art, proprietary polymer flow simulation software. In 1975, the founders of Techflow Design began the development of simulation software. Since its inception, this simulation software has undergone continual upgrading.


Incorporating more modern mathematical solving techniques, a new interface, and added the ability to simulate the entire polymer flow path from the screen changer to the die lips for mono and co-extrusion systems alike. The simulation software is able to model any resin, or blend of resins, under any operating temperatures and die geometry. In addition, the software allows Techflow to conduct “what if” performance testing under various operating conditions and with non-specified resins.
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